The Philippines, located in Southeast Asia, is an island chain of 7,107 islands. The Assemblies of God in the Philippines, with over 4,000 churches, is planting as many as eight new churches every week. Since the mid-1990s the Johnsons, who are adamant that anything worthwhile they may have accomplished is only because of Jesus, have conducted around 45-50 outreaches annually with an evangelistic team, assisted in church planting, and ministered in a Bible school. Debbie served as president of a small, provincial Bible school in the Bicol region of the Philippines from 2003-2009, where she focused on the spiritual development of the students through a mentoring program that she instituted. During that time she pioneered a number of church planting schools with a vision to blanket the their region with the gospel by planting house churches.

From 2002-2004 and 2005-2009, Dave served as the country moderator for the Assemblies of God World Missions  (AGWM) in the Philippines. In this capacity, he has helped forge the direction of the Philippine field with other leaders byforming and implementing missionary policies and procedures and maintaining a field strategy. He also has  served as a liaison to the national church executive leadership. One of their joint projects has been a nationwide church construction program that has seen around 58 church buildings constructed.
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