FAQ Sheet


IMPORTANT NOTE: Most questions can be answered by looking at our bio-data and Dave’s curriculum vitae on this website. Other information can be found in our newsletters and Dave’s blogs which are posted at www.drdavejohnson.blogspot.com.


Background: Both of us came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ at a young age through the influence of our families and churches. Debbie was baptized in the Holy Spirit when she was 14 and Dave when he was 18. He was called into the ministry at that time and was later called into missions while studying at Central Bible College in Springfield, MO. She was called into ministry at the age of 15 and sensed God leading her into missions when in her 20s.


How Long Do You Plan to be in Missions? When someone put this question to Dave before he left for the Philippines in 1994, he replied “for life….one four year term at a time.” To which Debbie says, “For as long as God wants us here.”


What Motivates You to Get Up Every Morning and Go to Work?

1. God called us and is empowering us. We respond because we love him.

2. We believe that God is about to send an unprecedented revival to the Philippines, and we want to be ready.

3. God has given us a vision for planting a church within walking distance of every Filipino in our region—calling for consistent and continuous evangelism, discipleship, and training leaders in order to multiply, hopefully quickly, the number of churches in our region.

4. We believe Jesus Christ is the only path to God; we believe that mankind is eternally lost without him; we believe that he is coming soon as Kings of Kings and Eternal Judge.


What is your vision for the next five to ten years?

1. Becoming more conformed to the image of Christ.

2. Reach more people for Christ through evangelism and church planting, disciple more workers to multiply the number of churches, teach missions and English at APTS, and write several books on a number of different themes.


Personal data


            Dave April 3, 1957

            Debbie July 26

Anniversary, July 26, 1997

Children: None, but we have a Doberman named Sam